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A         A brief History of how my interest in Shelties has developed I   first   fell   in   love   with   the   Shetland   Sheepdog   in   1984   and   acquired   my   first   Dog,   Toby   whom   I   bought   as   a   puppy   at   the   age of   8   weeks   in   June   1984.   He   was   joined   some   12   months   later   by   my   second   Sheltie   Chris   who   was   10   months   old   when   he joined my Sheltie family Sadly   I   lost   Toby   at   the   age   of   14   at   the   end   of   March   1998   but   I   was   very   fortunate   to   obtain   my   first   Sheltie   bitch,   Jessica about   a   week   later   as   a   companion   to   Chris,   Jessica   was   10   months   old   when   I   got   her   and   she   stayed   with   me   until   I unfortunately lost after a long illness lasting about 3 months on the 13th December 2007. I   bought   Jac   who   is   Jessica's   litter   brother   at   the   beginning   of   February   1999   Jac   was   22   months   old   when   I   bought   him,   I then   sadly   lost   Chris   at   the   age   of   14½   at   the   end   of   March   1999.   Unfortunately   Jac   had   to   be   put   to   sleep   during   surgery   on 19th September 2001 due to an inoperable abdominal tumour at the too young age of 4. I   was   granted   my   Affix   which   is   Scolebrook,   with   a   view   to   starting   to   breed   and   eventually   start   showing   Shelties,   at   the beginning of March 2000. Jessica was mated and gave birth to her first litter on the 3rd of August 2000.  Katie was born on the 3rd of August 2000 and was from Jessica's first litter. Jessica was mated again on the 6th March 2002 and had her litter on the 7th May 2002, Rowan is from Jessica's 2nd. Litter. Nina   joined   my   Sheties   in   September   2004   at   the   age   of   12   weeks   and   she   had   her   first   litter   of   3   Tricolour   puppies   on   the   1st December 2007, and Jasmine is the one that I kept from this litter. Lily is the latest Sheltie to join my family and she joined us at the age of 8 weeks on 15th June 2017.
Where are we located? Scolebrook Shetland Sheepdogs Kennels are based in Ashby Parva, a small village in rural South West Leicestershire. Situated about 12 miles south of Leicester and 15 miles east of Coventry and 3 miles from the M1 Junction 20. The name Ashby means a place near an Ash tree that is usually associated with a farm. There has been a settlement at this site for over 900 years and there are still several buildings in the village dating back to the 16th and 17th Centuries.
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